About us

The Procertes Institute has launched a Medical coding and billing courses to enhance skills in coding and billing from students to corporate employees. Procertes Institute’s Coding Training Programs Help Executives, College Students, Doctors, Pharmacist or any life-science graduate to promote themselves in the industry .

They join our courses for weekday and weekend batches. We have successfully trained hundreds of participants who are the best in Pune and the other echelons of India. Our participants simply love our medical coding and billing course and have been rating us as the best institute in India. We offer short-term certification programs in medical coding and billing to pursue the most promising and rapidly growing career in Healthcare industry.


Our commitment

We welcome you to sign up for our medical coding and billing programs. Our staff is dedicated to offer you a awesome and a distinctive studying enjoy with confident results. Whether you desire to begin medical coding as a newbie we’ve got the proper studying package deal for you. Our studying publications provide you a curriculum that fits you and works for you. At ‘Procertes Institutes’ we have a group of qualified and experienced trainers who are committed to help you with all your training needs, from understanding curriculum as per industry requirements and giving extra attention to your individuals. Our trainers are committed and see that your training is complete and that your individual industry goals are met.

Our Believe

In today’s competitive world, it is not enough just to have technical aptitude, to be successful one needs to stand out in the crowd of lakhs of aspirants. Thus, in such a scenario, having certifications can kick-start your career, making you an ideal choice of companies for global operations. Over the years Procertes Institute has become an expert in delivering high quality medical coding training solutions (classroom programs and e-learning programs), both regular as well as customized for individuals and corporate. Our participants simply love our weekday as well as weekend medical coding and billing courses and have been rating us as the best institute in India for the past decade.

Why you should choose us

Your dreams and our training, together we will achieve better. Are you looking for more affordable and intense training with ample flexibility. 

Instead of following a traditional career pathway, get trained, credentialed and hired in a short time.

Our extensive vocation preparing comes from a profound obligation to you: the students who merit better training. The experts who need more prominent (more important) experience. And every one of the influencers who need greater open door. So grasp our hand. We’ll lift you up and set you up for a life getting updated new vocation.

Our Team

We comprehend the strain to accommodate a family. What’s more, we accept you merit better. That is the reason we’ve gone through the last 5+ years giving our best for further develop eLearning and foster the most far reaching medical services preparing programs available. What’s more, we won’t stop until you succeed — until you come out better as a rendition of yourself. What’s more, that is a commitment.

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Our work process


Initially we approach the interested candidate who has filled up our inquiry form. We give every possible information about medical coding billing CPC exam and after payment of the candidate a link will generate to enroll for the course.


After the successful enrollment of the candidate we allot them a coordinator so they can share or talk with any issue or doubt through out the course. A coordinator then will assign a tutor to the candidate as per the desired schedule and region of the candidate.


Training will take around 2 months to 6 months to complete the training. We also include test series for getting know the weak module of an candidate so we can work on it for the betterment. certificate will be provided after the completion of the course. Certification no. and roll no. will be mentioned on the certificate.